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Bookkeeping Services

Changing legislation and regulation, complex tax law, and increasing costs throughout the sector means bookkeeping within the hospitality industry can be especially complex and time consuming.

Whether you are looking for traditional book-keeping or a more strategic bespoke package, etc hospitality offer a custom range of services tailored to restaurants, hotels, bars and many other businesses within the hospitality sector helping businesses to streamline internal processes, improve efficiency and transparency and drive your business forward.

Unlike other accountancy firms, our specialist knowledge of the industry has a number of other benefits to your business. Our hospitality specialists aren’t just your bookkeepers, we get involved. We maintain close contact and regular communication and provide weekly reporting and analysis that identifies opportunities for you to grow your business profitably.

Bookkeeping Services for the Hospitality Sector

  • Weekly Reporting – We produce a weekly flash P&L so business owners can understand what they need to work on during the month rather than at the end of month when much of the activity has already become history. Etc hospitality’s unique technology allows quick P&L reporting, plus insights and reports built specifically for the hospitality trade and bespoke to your business.
  • Cashflow management – Etc hospitality offer cashflow management systems custom built to your business, offering the best solution for your business. Minimise loss and find pinch points to improve cash flow with our expert advice and management systems.
  • Bank reconciliation and monitoring – Our reconciliation services provide a hassle free solution for cash flow reconciliation for this most crucial of tasks.
  • Management accounts – Etc hospitality offer a wide range of management account report packs based around your specific requirements, ensuring you have up to date information at any point in time.
  • VAT and PAYE returns –Our hospitality team specialists ensure your reconciliations and returns are completed on time, and with minimal fuss.

Our Industries

We offer accounting services all over the UK to a wide range of businesses within the hospitality industry, including:

  • Single site restaurants and groups
  • Independent hotels
  • Hotel groups
  • Independent pubs and pub groups
  • Events companies
  • Entertainment venues
Accountants in hotel looking at hospitality bookkeeping
Entrance to hotel/hospitality venue

Explore Our Services

Our bespoke hospitality services offer bookkeeping services tailored to your specific needs, offering peace of mind, and more time to focus on other core aspects of your business.

To find out how etc hospitality’s standalone products and bespoke accounting packages can benefit your business, contact us today.